Beehive Enterprises

The 10th Beehive Enterprise began trading on 1 July 2017 employing 10 ladies who have all completed the Beehive Diploma in Tailoring and Design.

The business objective of COG is to make products to sell both here in Malawi and export around the world. Primarily the aim is to upcycle waste products which are turned into useful and beautiful things.

Cog takes blown bicycle tubes and makes items such as wallets, phone pouches and purses, glass cases, bike bags and holdalls. Secondly Cog refurbishes Royal Mail frames and repaints them in beautiful African colours or company colours to order. Cog also acts as an agent to bring other producers products to the international market such as Palm leaf hand woven bicycle baskets and panniers. Cog has items such as shopping baskets made out of plastic strips used for wrapping. Cog has a superb range of African fabric products such as pleated tote bags, table cloths, napkins and shopping bags. Malawian fabric is called Chitenge and has wonderfully diverse colourful designs.

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