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Beehive BMX Club Riding

Alice Bender and Monica Mlenga

The Beehive BMX Riding Club was started on 8th June 2017 by Graham Denny an English volunteer working with Alice Bender and Monica Mlenga, extended school workers. 12 children from St. James Primary School registered at the very beginning stage. Through the passion Graham has for cycling the BMX club was formed with various principle aims; promoting health and safety; maintaining good behaviour among children and introducing the excitement of cycling as a competitive sport. Ever since Beehive was established there has been a vision to offer opportunities to the children in the Chilomoni area to develop character and good morals.

Young children are easily influenced or misled to misbehave unless offered opportunities for constructive activity. In accordance with the aims of the club BMX riding Club training sessions are held at the St. James Ground every Thursday from 2pm to 4pm. There is growing interest in the club and new children wish to register.

The BMX Riding Club has inspired many parents to get BMX bikes for their children. Having a BMX bike has allowed many boys and girls to develop awesome skills and become an inspiration to others. So far the club has attended two competitions in which the children have shown their riding skills as well as strong courage. The next event is to challenge St. Andrews primary school to a race. The community has benefited from the club in the sense that children do not indulge themselves in bad company. The club also teaches children how to become good citizens within the society and nation of Malawi.

11th Nov 2017

Chimwemwe Kapyanga

Throughout the entire 10 years from 2007, Beehive Centre for Social Enterprise seems to be growing gradually in the sense that people’s lives in Chilomoni are very much appreciating what it has done. I have spent 2 and a quarter years in college studying how to design, fix and remake clothes. Now, Nov 2017 I am in my 3rd year teaching at Beehive Tailoring and Design, which was the first Beehive Enterprise. Thanks to my husband, I am a mother with 2 beautiful children who I can take care of because of what Beehive gives me in return apart from giving me a job. Beehive is truly where England meets Chilomoni. Perhaps there will be a time when England's stunning beauty and support is told of and appreciated.

11th Nov 2017

Gift Manjanja

Gift Manjanja is a 23 year old man who lives in Chilomoni. Gift joined the beebikes bike shop in April 2013 working in the sanding department, As time passed Gift impressed the manager by being a hard worker, and as the result when he applied for a jobs a mechanic , he was quickly taken on. “When I was in primary level I doubted if I could make it in life“, said Gift. He was a poor man who would wear torn trousers, but since he joined Beebikes as a mechanic his life has been transformed. He is now able to help his relatives. Having being a mechanic. Gift did not stop working hard but instead he worked much harder till he was promoted to Stores Assistant. It did not take much more time before he was promoted to Stores Manager.

Talking about Beebikes Gift Said,“It was so difficult for farmers to take their produce to the various market places, but now it is easy and simple since many bought bikes from Beebikes.“. Gift also commented that he himslef bought his royal mail bike which he uses each day. In addition; since 2013 Gift has twice fully serviced the bike and he has never changed the tires. It is not waste of buy bikes from Beebikes because they are in good condition

16th Jan 2018