Beehive Enterprises

BCD's primary task is to support Beehive through the construction and maintenance of property. It aims to deliver buildings, infrastructure and landscaping fit for purpose, as quickly and as cost effectively as possible while being ethical and sustainable in the process. When designing from scratch, the following principles apply:

  • Simple – The construction must be easy and achievable with local skills
  • Sustainable - local resources are used as far as possible, in ways which do not exploit humans or the environmental and deliver long-lasting solutions
  • Replicable –Where possible, standard, repeatable processes and design details are used, to allow replicability in the local community
  • Rapid – We aim to transform needy areas and work against the inertia of change.
  • A good finish – We do not build palaces and do not want a luxurious finish but we do want to work against poverty of aspiration and create spaces which raise peoples dignity and community pride

BCD recognises that the work never stops, maintenance is essential in making sure the Beehive organisation runs smoothly. It continually invests time and money in fixing, upgrading and improving property.

BCD does this through its dedicated design ,procurement and construction managementteam and its core team of highly skilled people representing bricklaying, carpentry, welding, plumbing, electrics and landscaping. The foremen reach into the community and employ up to 20 day workers to undertake maintenance work. During the creation of new buildings up to 400 people have been employed.

BCD also runs the Hydraform project which produces environmentally friendly construction blocks.